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Southern Cross Helicopters

Southern Cross Helicopters Aust Pty Ltd T/A SOUTHERN CROSS HELICOPTERS, was incorporated 1st day of October 1997. Southern Cross Helicopters provides Charter, Cross Hire, Aerial Work, Aerial Crane, Advanced Training, Professional Pilot Services, Auditing Services, Aviation Consultancy, Aircraft Leasing and scenic flights.

Southern Cross Helicopters operates and has adhoc access to A109SP , A109S Power , AS350, EC130, EC120B, R44 Clipper 2 aircraft.

Southern Cross Helicopters Head Offices and Hangar are located at 104 Lionel Street, Essendon Airport, Victoria, 3041. The AS350, EC120, 2x A109SP and 1xA109S Power are hangared at this location.

The company has grown over the past 15 years under the guidance of Director Ross Barker ATPL(H) CIR Grade1 Multi Engine Instructor. Ross has been flying helicopters since 1988.

Ben Harris CPL (H) CIR Grade1 Multi Engine Instructor is the Chief Pilot of Southern Cross Helicopters. Ben is the corporate pilot of an Agusta 109SP IFR.

Southern Cross Helicopters is the Carrier for Apostle Coast Aviation and operates 2x R44 Clipper2 and 1x EC120B from the Peterborough Airport. The aircraft are primarily used for scenic, charter and airwork on the West coast of Victoria.

We pride ourselves on a safe can do attitude to provide solutions to your aviation requirements.

For more information please feel free to call Ross Barker on 0419 529 634.


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